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Align Your Technology with your Strategy.

Healthcare organizations are struggling to thrive in the constant change of today’s MIPS/MACRA environment. It may feel like your EHR and technology vendors are holding you back, creating unnecessary struggles for your staff, but technology alone isn’t the problem.

We help organizations see the wider perspective and align their strategy, technology, and operations to finally work together.

Change doesn’t need to be overwhelming if you have the right partner.

Our Services

Compliance Consulting

Stay ahead of the changing MIPS/MACRA/APM landscape. Understand how it impacts your strategy, processes, and technology while receiving maximum payment for your value-based care.

Revenue Cycle Improvement

Reduce back-end rework, optimize charge capture and integrate clinical and financial operations so you can receive all revenue to which you are entitled.

Population Health

Make bigger strides patient care by identifying trends and leading indicators for health risks and readmittance, and apply creative solutions as you see fit.

EHR Optimization

Bring your technology, people, and processes together, reducing the current frustration and IT overspend with a refined operational solution that works.

Value-Based Culture Change

Lead, rather than react to, value-based culture change. By influencing the behaviors of your patients through end-user promotions and campaigns, you can impact behaviors, like readmissions and the overuse of the ER, which will directly increase your reimbursement.

Latest Insights Publication

4 Insights on Population Health and its impact on the Community

The modern healthcare era is about managing extreme change. With so many externally driven priorities in motion, it is easy to lose focus on what really matters: the people.

In this article, we show how leaders in healthcare are solving current industry problems while keeping their focus ultimately on serving people.


Recent Articles

#Replicate Positive

It is not enough to be in business for profit alone. We should all strive to be a positive vehicle for change in all areas of our life, including work. For us, that is summed up in #ReplicatePositive.

Our internal meetings start with sharing who we helped this week and how. Lifting the world up as we do business is the foundation of our culture, our leadership and how we do business.

We invite everyone to join us in the movement of #ReplicatePositve in your day-to-day activities.