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Leadership Team

Truitt Health Bryan Fowler

Bryan Fowler

Bryan has 20 years of health/technology c-suite advisory experience with14 successful, large project implementations. Bryan is a national thought leader and speaker, and is a member on multiple boards.
Truitt Health - Lincoln Godfrey

Dr. Lincoln Godfrey

Dr. Godfrey has served as Chief of Staff, Medicine Service Chief, and Hospitalist Program Director. He has also held the role of Cerner Physician Implementation Lead on multiple EHR implementations.
Trey Fowler-100

Trey Fowler

Business Development Executive
Trey has been an executive in the financial space for 17 years where he has grown four companies at rates of 400% to 2,400% in the course of 1.5 to 2.5 years. His role at Truitt is to help community health systems overcome their financial challenges by approaching them from a new angle.
Truitt Health Caroline Znaniec

Caroline Znaniec

Director of Financial Operations
Caroline is a documentation, coding, billing, and compliance expert. She has 20 years of industry experience with multiple vendors and has deep Epic and Cerner expertise.
Caroline is also a national speaker and co-founder of the EHR Forum for the Maryland Chapter of HFMA.
truitt health - sweta sneha

Dr. Sweta Sneha

Advisory Board Member for Innovation
Dr. Sneha is a Ph. D University Professor at Kennesaw State University leading one of the top Graduate Healthcare Management and Informatics programs in the southeast. Dr. Sneha is actively working with vendors, providers, and legislators to improve outcomes.