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We believe that the
Community Health System is still


Community Health Systems CAN Have A Competitive Advantage. You know your people. You have a connection with them, authenticly care about them, and they trust you because of it. This is something that a mega health system will never be able to replicate.

Truitt Health’s mission is to modernize community health systems so they can be more competitive.

We help you navigate complex strategy, operations, and technology decisions quickly, so you can get back to serving those who need you most.

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Recent Client Praise

Matthew Matusiak
President, ACO at Baxter Regional Medical Center

``Truitt has been an asset to us, helping everyone understand where the real problems were. Many of our challenges were outside IT, and now others can see this clearly, helping us to implement the necessary changes.``

ACO Integration Assistance / Advisory

Baxter Physician Partners (BPP) is one of the most successful ACOs in the country. This project was to help them with physician/leadership buy-in, vendor coordination, staff training and continued integration buildout so that BPP could move forward with its next phase of growth.

How To Optimize Your Health System In 4 Steps.

1. Detailed Assessment

Gain complete visibility into your health system from Inpatient and Ambulatory to Revenue Cycle by mapping all processes and comparing them to industry best practices, then reviewing 30+ financial key performance indicators against target benchmarks. With this information, you will be able to make better decisions and substantially improve the performance of your organization.

2. EHR Replacement / Optimization

Replace underperforming vendors and systems, and optimize the rest by standardizing processes and re-configuring the EHR to be easier to use. Then, transform your revenue-cycle to collect more monies upfront, capture all charges and reduce denial rates.

3. Revenue Cycle Improvement

Find ways to optimize your revenue cycle by being paid more upfront, capturing all valid charges, reducing denials and evaluating current vendor performance. No matter your payer mix or community challenges, you can meet and exceed benchmarks.

4. Population Health Execution

Population Health is about using your data to think bigger and inspire innovative decisions so you can be more competitive. But you need clean data and you need an execution plan. The government has given you choices but how do those match to your unique population? We help you bridge that gap and execute.

Lead With Change,
Or Continue To Struggle.
You Have A Choice.

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