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In Times Of Extreme Change.

Today’s community hospital CEO’s are faced with extreme change. They are being pulled into the weeds to deal with:

  • The potential take-over from larger hospitals
  • Staying relevant in a time where other industries are rapidly innovating
  • The disruption in care and escalating costs from their EHR
  • Keeping up with constant changes in regulations
  • Managing income with a challenging payer mix
  • Potential penalties because of the difficulties to report on quality measures

As a CEO, how do you pull yourself out of the weeds in today’s environment so you can get back to leading your organization?

By gaining the clarity and details you need to make more confident decisions.

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How To Optimize Your Health System In 4 Steps.

1. Detailed Assessment

Gain complete visibility into your health system from Inpatient and Ambulatory to Revenue Cycle by mapping all processes and comparing them to industry best practices, then reviewing 30+ financial key performance indicators against target benchmarks. With this information, you will be able to make better decisions and substantially improve the performance of your organization.

2. EHR Replacement / Optimization

Replace underperforming vendors and systems, and optimize the rest by standardizing processes and re-configuring the EHR to be easier to use. Then, transform your revenue-cycle to collect more monies upfront, capture all charges and reduce denial rates.

3. Revenue Cycle Improvement

Find ways to optimize your revenue cycle by being paid more upfront, capturing all valid charges, reducing denials and evaluating current vendor performance. No matter your payer mix or community challenges, you can meet and exceed benchmarks.

4. Proactive Compliance

Proactively meet CMS's requirements to maximize incentives and deliver value-based care for your community.

If your MIPS plan doesn't show a plus 2% incentive, you need a better plan.

Lead With Change,
Or Continue To Struggle.
You Have A Choice.

Insights For Healthcare Executives


How to Lead in Value-Based Care

What's the problem? What's the Goal? Is this really real?

It's time to address some tough questions.

In this Insights article, we give both the newcomer and the experienced healthcare leader a quick history on Meaningful Use, MACRA, MIPS, and APM to understand why these regulations came to be and their overarching goal. Then we discuss the core questions that executives face today regarding value-based care.

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Our internal meetings start with sharing who we helped this week and how. Lifting the world up as we do business is the foundation of our culture, our leadership and how we do business.

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