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Our Services

For Healthcare Provider C-Suite

We focus on revenue improvement through executive coaching starting with organizational goals and direction and standardizing operations. We’ll help you get the most out of your current technology.

Opportunity Assessment

Are you missing out on opportunities to advance your organization and drive revenue? The opportunity assessment discerns that gap and produces a plan to implement. Book your opportunity assessment to take the first step to higher revenue and better performance from your people and technology.

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IT Function/Leadership Review

Do you need a better measure of your IT function? CEOs are often too busy to get a real grasp of the tech necessity and expenses. The IT Function/Leadership review shows you where you stand compared to your competition and to industry elite. Often, this review reveals a gap in technology utilization that can be overcome with little additional expense.

Governance Implementation & Outsourcing

Does your IT function often seem disconnected from the business goals? Quite often this is due to lack of needed structure for accountable collaboration at the leadership and management layers. It is not only possible but positive when administration, clinicians, and technologists come together to execute at an elite level. There are proven models that work.

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EHR Maximization Advisory

Why did you spend millions on an EHR that doesn’t seem to be helping much? Your current EHR can likely be adjusted to actually provide value at a high level. Often, the problem of utilization is one of people and process, NOT technology. If a thorough alignment of strategy, operations, and technology has not been performed, then you likely are missing revenue opportunities and better outcomes.

Social Determinants of Health Analysis

Do you fully understand the needs of the populations you serve? We use advanced analytics and mapping processes to clearly show you the determinants of health for your people. We also help you understand the data and how to apply it to strategy, operations, federal/state directives, and technology automation.
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